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Hedge trimming - what to consider

Posted on: August 24th, 2017

There are lots of rules with regards to hedge trimming - do this but don't do that - however understanding your responsibility to ensure wild birds ought to be an essential goal.


So what's the legal position to ensure natural wildlife is protected with regards to garden maintenance and particularly hedge-trimming?

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is illegal to harm or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is being used or being built. Usually, the nesting season for a bird is March to the end of July however a few birds may nest later so it's best to look for professional guidance before tackling your hedge yourself. The best time to start hedge trimming is well outside of these months to guarantee you're not taking away an optimum location for a wild bird’s nest. A conifer hedge - if your hedge is a conifer assortment, then it is particularly important to avoid trimming after August as this can lead to bald patches to create which will simply leave you with a matter of weeks to complete the work.

Many tree surgery businesses, including us here, Prince Tree Surgery, also handle hedge maintenance work so in case you're ever in question about what to do or worried over the health of your hedge through trimming then definitely consult us. In spite of the fact that to some degree a healthy hedge can withstand over-energetic trimming, frequent cutting too often will in the long run cause it to die off. We're commonly called to deal with a huge which has become very patchy and the best advice we give here is to let the hedge fully recuperate and re-grow from the base upwards, until sufficient height and density is achieved before getting near it and trimming it again.

Hedgerows are one of the greatest sources of friction among neighbours so it is best to give it some thinking before you either start planting, removing or trimming a hedge. We don’t want upset with the people living next door. A boundary hedge, specifically, is the obligation of the both parties which means mutual understanding must be reached on all major works including coppicing and laying.

In the event that any piece of a hedge infringes their garden, they own it which means you're just legally entitled to trim the zone which falls with your own particular boundary. So also, if a neighbour needs to cut the hedge, they additionally require your authorisation before starting the work. In case you're worried about a hedge making shade inside your garden, at that point you can cut the branches which overhang your side of the fence or boundary.

If you have a question about hedge trimming or require the service of a tree surgeon, then please get in touch with Prince Tree Surgery of Brentwood who specialist in hedge maintenance and hedge trimming.

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