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How to safely remove a tree stump

Posted on: September 13th, 2018

When a tree falls or is felled, its stump needs to be removed for a number of reasons, including:

• Prevention of fungal root rot and diseases such as Honey Fungus
• Prevention of tree stump regenerating (suckering)
• Freeing up space in your garden
• Increasing the aesthetic appeal of your garden
• Reduction of trip hazards caused by stumps and exposed roots

There are a number of ways you can remove a tree stump, such as chemical poisons, burning, chainsawing and digging out. Unfortunately none of these are particularly effective. In most cases, poisons and trying to burn the stump away have little to no effect; chainsaws shouldn’t ever be used near soil or stones and digging out is truly back-breaking work.

In fact, even the most hands-on gardener will struggle with the pure effort required to safely and effectively remove a tree stump. As a rule, homeowners should avoid trying to remove stumps themselves – unless you know what you’re doing and have the right equipment, you could end up damaging surrounding shrubs and vegetation.

Instead, why not take the Royal Horticultural Society’s advice and call in the professionals? Fully qualified tree surgeons use a technique called ‘stump grinding’. This involves the stump being ground down into wood chips using a specialist machine with a rotating cutter, aptly named a stump grinder.
The stump grinder quickly breaks up the trunk and major roots until all that is left is a mixture of wood chips and soil, enabling you to easy replant or re-lay turf. This mix can then be used as mulch, benefitting existing trees and shrubs and acting as a weed suppressant.

Based in Brentwood, Prince Tree Surgery specialises in stump removal. Our team are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of tree surgery and can grind out stumps of any age or size. If access is limited, we are able to dig out roots and if necessary, know the most effective way to undertake stump poisoning.

Our experience has shown that some methods of tree stump removal are more suitable than others, depending on the size, age, species and position of the tree. Our preferred method is stump grinding, particularly when it comes to residential locations as this removal causes the least disturbance to the surrounding garden.

However, if poisoning is the most effective manner of removal, we would advise that the best time to remove the stump is in autumn or winter when the sap has stopped rising.

Want to know more? Looking for a professional tree surgeon to safely and effectively remove a tree stump? Please call Prince Tree Surgery on 01277 229709 for more information.

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