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What is the difference between a tree and a shrub

Posted on: September 14th, 2017


When visiting our customer’s premises to carry out our service, on numerous occasions we’re asked what the difference is between shrubs and trees - and is there even a difference?

It’s pretty straightforward to be able to tell a shrub from a tree. Below I have defined each both of them so you can gain an understanding how they so differ.

How to tell a tree from a shrub?

A tree is a single woody trunk supporting it’s branches. The wood trunk is usually 3 inches in diameter, has a crown of foliage and is of a substantial height of 13ft once it is mature.

How to tell a shrub from a tree?

Shrubs certainly differ from trees, as they usually branch nearer to the ground with several narrow stems and branches rather than a solitary trunk. The shrub is usually less ridged than a single trunk tree. The weight is usually less than a mature tree of 13 ft, its stems are usually less than 3 inches in diameter.

Is it all about size between a shrub and a tree?

While size can be one way that can differentiate between the two species, this is not the deciding element. Regardless of whether it's a tree, shrub or plant is really chosen when the tree or shrub is only a small seed. One thing to note however, as with numerous things, there are exceptions to the rules above. There are a few trees, including the Japanese maple and stream birch, that can have numerous trunks.

Likewise with shrubs, you can usually shape them into a small tree.

We hope this has helped you to tell your trees apart from your shrubs

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What is the difference between a tree and a shurb

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