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What’s the best time of year of to prune a tree?

Posted on: February 6th, 2018

Numerous specialists advise that late Autumn or early Winter is the perfect time to prune your deciduous trees in your surroundings. One of the reasons is because it’s easier to see the branches more clearly as it has shedded it’s leaves.

Here at Prince Tree Surgery, Brentwood’s leading tree surgeons, we are exceedingly educated and knowable about all parts of tree pruning and crowning, and we can answer any question however big or small. By pruning a tree, it helps the tree’s health and protects it again disease. When pruning, keep in mind it is about removing deadwood and enhancing shape and structure.

Check for shoots developing at unfamiliar angels or additional shoots starting to grow from the highest point of the main trunk or from the base, which can deny it of it nutrients.

There are three primary reasons why you have to prune your trees – safety, health and aesthetics. Furthermore, pruning can likewise encourage fruit production and can increase the amount of timber.


Pruning for safety includes pruning back branches that could break off and cause an injury or it could damage your property if it is close by. It’s essential to trim branches that are too near to overhead lines.


To help maintain your tree’s health, you should remove both diseased or insect-infested wood, thinning the crown to allow airflow or reduce a pest issue. By pruning it can encourage trees to build up a solid, strong structure and it’ll lessen the likelihood of damage during severe weather conditions. Additionally by removing damaged or broken branches it will encourage wound closure.


Pruning for decorative includes enhancing the natural shape and character of trees or fortifying bloom generation.

If pruning could cause danger, for example if a chainsaw is required or if the treat if of a significant height, then it is best to contact a specialist tree surgeon (Prince Tree Surgery) for your wellbeing.

For more information regarding pruning your tree, or how to prune your tree, or you would like to book an appointment for our tree surgeon to come and assess your situation, then please call 01277 229709.

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