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Doctor, astronaut, fireman, frontman of a band… Tree surgeon?

Not usually a profession you would find high on a list of possible vocations for a teenager about to leave school. And for Matthew Prince, this was no exception; however, a chance Saturday job set him on an unusual course and now he can't see himself doing anything else.

Having always been interested by nature, when Matthew was given the opportunity to work at a local tree surgery, it felt like the perfect fit. He continued to work there every weekend, during school holidays, throughout college and even whilst studying for a plumbing qualification. Becoming a tree surgeon was not something he'd dreamed of growing up, but as Matthew explains, "It just feels right".

Twelve years and thousands of trees later, along with professional City & Guilds qualifications in forestry and arboriculture and a professional diploma from the Royal Forestry Society, Matthew set up Prince Tree Surgery, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Matthew's depth and breadth of knowledge encompasses all aspects of tree surgery, including Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) and Conservation Consents, tree planting and transplanting, stump grinding and removal, and emergency tree works.

Nowadays, Matthew uses his expertise to build his ever-expanding business and oversee his team of experienced, professionally qualified tree surgeons. However, whenever he gets the opportunity, he can be found on-site, always a major proponent of the hands-on approach. Because, for Matthew, it is when surrounding by nature that he feels most at home.

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