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What can happen to trees in high winds?

Posted on: April 29th, 2019


The UK has been battered by storm Hannah in recent days.

Our country is not unused to storms but that doesn’t mean we should become apathetic to the potential risks to our own homes. When it comes to trees in high winds, it is important to remember that a mature tree can weigh more than 40,000 pounds – its failure can result in catastrophic damage to your property.

Gale force winds can damage trees at high level, meaning that limbs and branches may fall with no warning. In addition, storm damage can impact any weak points on the tree, which will likely leave large, unsightly wounds. Although the tree may initially be structurally safe, sometimes for years, these wounds may decay, resulting in the tree becoming unsafe.

So what do you need to be aware of when considering how the subject of trees in high winds may impact you personally?

Trees in high winds: do you have a tree close to your home?

It’s fairly obvious that any trees growing close to a property are those that are most likely to fall on said building. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure that any trees close to your home are kept in optimum condition. Any overhanding branches should also be cut back as they can cause damage to your roof and siding from continual scraping.

Trees in high winds: the risks of older trees

Older trees are more likely to fail than younger trees. As a tree ages, they become more susceptible to disease, insects and storm damage. The older and larger the tree, the more branches it will lose in high winds. Make sure you remove any older trees that look like they could fail when exposed to gale force winds.

Trees in high winds: poor root systems

A tree is anchored by its roots, which need to extend out in all directions to stabilise it. If the root system has been compromised, you end up with a weak tree that is more like to topple when being battered by high winds. Make sure you don’t damage or cut large roots.

Trees in high winds: ask an expert

It isn’t always possible to predict if and when a tree may fail. However, Prince Tree Surgery’s team of tree surgeons have the skill and experience to help you manage the risks associated with your garden’s trees.

We can check trees that are within falling distance of buildings and public areas, carry out surveys and remove, clear or make safe any dangerous trees or timber.

If your tree is protected under a Tree Preservation Order, or is in a Conservation Area, you may need the consent of your local council before undertaking any works. However, as part of our service, Prince Tree Surgery will liaise with the Local Authority, applying for permission and replacing your damaged tree with new planting if this is required.

Are you concerned about your trees in high winds?

If you are worried that the recent strong winds have damaged a vulnerable tree or a tree close to your property, please call Prince Tree Surgery today. We offer a 24/7 call-out service – simply call us on 01277 229709 or contact us via our website.

We hope you found our article ‘What can happen to trees in high winds?’ interesting and informative. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require specialist advice and guidance.

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